Resetting your password
If you need to reset your password it will need to contain the following:.
a.     at least 8 characters
b.     at least 1 number, and
c.     at least 1 non alphanumeric character (for example ! £ $)
You will also need to ensure your new password is not the same as a password you have used before.

Auto logout
Please be aware you will be automatically logged out of My Account if your session is idle for 5 minutes. 

Important notice - Single Sign on:

If you are logging into RCVS Academy you are also logging into My Account and vice versa. 
If you're using a shared computer, please be sure to log out once you have finished.

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Locked accounts
Accounts are locked automatically after five incorrect login attempts. If your account is locked, it will automatically unlock after 15 minutes and you may proceed to the ‘Re-set your password’ option if needed.

Difficulties logging in?
Please see our video guides for help on logging in to My Account.

Veterinary surgeons, veterinary nurses, and non-PSS practices experiencing difficulties should contact the Registration team on 020 7202 0707 or email [email protected].

PSS practices experiencing difficulties should contact the PSS team on 020 7202 0767 or email [email protected].